A phone consultation is the first step we take with our customers. It is important for us to know what the customer is looking for from their home remodel or renovations, as well as the working conditions and all factors that may affect the projects process.



Based upon the information that we were able to gather in our consultation we will start putting together a budget for the project with the customer. Some customers come to us with a budget already in mind and some are just looking for the job to be done right and want us to help establish their budget. Once this step is complete we can start designing and planning of the project. We will work side by side with the customers to ensure they know what they're getting before any work has been done.



After going through our design process with the customer we will establish a timeline and work schedule for that specific project. Each customer is different and it helps if we are able to cater to their needs. Now its our turn to create a beautiful space for the customer and provide an enjoyable experience.


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